Diecasting machines - Hot-Chamber Diecasting Machine - Vertic. - FRECH W50Zn

Hot-Chamber Diecasting Machine - Vertic.


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Technical specs


closing pressure:
600 kN
clamping plate:
460x460 mm
distance between columns:
300x300 mm
weight of the machine ca.:
3,8 t
lock stroke:
230 mm
capacity of ejector:
40 kN
ejector stroke:
70 mm
height of form:
120-350 mm
column diameter:
56 mm
casting capacity:
54 kN
casting plunger stroke:
130 m/m
injection plunger diameter:
45,50,55 mm
casting volume (DIN 24480):
109,150,194 cm 2
volume cast pressure:
339,284,226 da/cm²
casting area:
176,218,264 cm 2
Traverse Stroke:
220 m/m

Locking unit cover for drop through area -with scale / chute
Electrically driven safety door in casting direction left
Machine positioning mounting pads
Machine interior illumination
Convenience package - energy efficiency -
Ejector plus package
Automatic ejector nail clutch
Securing of ejector platen
Machine assistance system SensiLock
Hydraulic adjustment of locking unit for shot positioning
Nitrogen pressure control for piston accumulator
Multi-Chamber Furnace with pump (surcharge)
Isolated cover for crucible multi chamber furnace
Prefilling process
Simplified piston removal
Piston stop during return stroke
Electric nozzle and gooseneck heating (extended version)
Oil cooler with increased capacity
Shut-off facility for hydraulic locking and shot end
Integrated water circuit 2+4 circuits
Machine control DATADIALOG - Shot Stop function (ST)
Convenience package - casting -
Ejector Pressure graphics DATADIALOG
Data logging scope
Inputs and outputs 6x, programmable
Special cable lengths
Digital interface for Non-Frech extractor (Dispo 10)
Serial interface for 4 heating + cooling circuits (ROBAMAT)
Hanging operating desk with monitor
Service Package RSD with Switch for each additional machine
Software adaption for each machine for CSV connection
CSV-package "production data"
CSV-package "quality data"
CSV-package "tooling data"
CSV-package "casting grafic"
Stationary Spraymat 022
Spraymotion 611 E with servo drive, 1-circuit
Extended spraying program for spraymotion
Lubricant container TD 20
Spray rail CR 245
Low noise chute

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Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG

Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG

Schorndorfer Straße 3273614 Schorndorf-Weiler Phone: +49-(0)7181-70 21 59Fax: +49-(0)7181-70 22 54 

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